Rose Gold Desk Organizer for Women, All in One Desktop Organizer with Pen Holder, Pencil Holder, Paper Organizer




Who Are Rosework?

Rosework is a company manufacturing stationery, office supplies and home goods.
Our goal is to make your workplace more comfortable and convenient with simple
and high quality products that you use in day to day life.

How Did It All Start?

Almost all desks have the same boring look, with no life to it apart from a glass of water.
This is where we thought we would exactly fit in. We started off by trying to understand
how we could create a deeper meaning behind someone’s workplace.
Rose Gold is a color that affects not only the physical state of the office but also the mental
state of the human brain.

Why Rose Gold?

The rose itself is considered a symbol of balance while the beauty of rose expresses love,
hope, and new beginnings.
The colour gold is considered a symbol of success, luxury and wealth. The combination of
both colors makes a beautiful mix of beauty and wealth giving you not just an ordinary desk
organizer, but one with a deep meaning behind it.
We chose rose gold because it shows a level of accomplishment as well as a level of beauty
giving you a deeper meaning to your work and also your life.

Rosework’s Dream

“Give your work a little bit of rose”
We believe that creating beautifully designed accessories for your office will positively
change the way you see your workplace and make your day more attractive and creative.
We also believe that with a rose gold touch, your office will be seen as being bright and
Our products will bring warmth and colour into your workspace which will completely
brighten up your day.
Our dream is to create a balance between work and beauty and this can be easily accomplished
with our amazingly designed Rose Gold Desk Accessories.


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