What Australia searched on Google in 2019

Batsman Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner. All three went down in the ball tampering scandal. Peter Parks

If you want to know what’s on Australia’s mind, there is probably no one who can paint a better picture than Google.

We reveal our deepest secrets and insecurities to the search engine giant. When no one is watching, we ask it questions we’re too embarrassed to ask each other.

As the dominant internet indexer in Australia, it’s also where we turn when we want to find the latest articles and headlines on a particular topic — and in 2018 there was plenty that captured our interest.

From Barnaby Joyce, to bitcoin to blood moons and ball tampering, Aussies were in a search of some big answers this year.

Many of us wanted to know how to opt out of the government’s new My Health Record while some of us just wanted to know “how to win Powerball.” Not a bad question, to be honest.

Lots of us wanted to know why Anzac Day is important and why we celebrate Australia Day as well as the reason the national holiday takes place on January 26.

And also, if you’ve ever googled, “Why is my poop green” take solace in the fact that you’re far from the only one.

Here’s what we googled in 2018:


The number one Australian figure we searched this year was former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce. He has been in politics for nearly two decades but those punching his name into Google will probably know him best for knocking up a member of his staff and leaving his wife and family in a very public split.

The scandal led him to step down as leader of his party in February.

That feeling when you lose your job and your ability to credibly campaign on family values. Picture: Hollie Adams

That feeling when you lose your job and your ability to credibly campaign on family values. Picture: Hollie AdamsSource:News Corp Australia

The royal wedding was one of the biggest events of the year, reinvigorating the public’s interest in the British royal family.

Former Hollywood actress — now Duchess of Sussex — Meghan Markle, topped the list of most searched people from around the world, beating out Demi Lovato and Freddie Mercury. No matter who you are, it was tough to avoid the excitement around her marriage to Prince Harry in May, let alone the couple’s Australian tour in October.

One of the other big news stories people were looking for this year was the dramatic rescue of a team of young soccer players and their coach from underground caves in Thailand. It took days — and dramatic offers from eccentric billionaires — for the dramatic rescue effort to unfold and people were likely coming back to the search engine for updates. If you didn’t know by now, they all made it out safely.

We couldn’t get enough of Britain

We couldn’t get enough of Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle. Picture: Paul EllisSource:AP


Keto was king in 2018 as Aussies tried to kick their sugar habit. “Keto recipes” topped the list of recipe searches and desserts were noticeably absent in the top food-related searches which, in contrast to previous years, include only savoury dishes and ingredients, according to Google’s data.

And of course, who can forget the bitcoin mania? The hype (and the price) peaked at the end of last year, but there was still plenty of crypto related googling going on. “Coinspot” was the fifth most searched for topic in 2018 as Aussies looked to trade the so-called digital currency, while “bitcoin price” was the ninth most common search.

The Winklevoss twins were saying it would go to $100,000 and controversial tech guru John McAfee proclaimed he would eat his “own d**k” if it didn’t go to $1 million by 2020. But sadly for the true believers, the price has since crashed and so too has most people’s interest in it.

It hasn’t been a good year for crypto holders. Picture: Jack Guez

It hasn’t been a good year for crypto holders. Picture: Jack GuezSource:AFP


In true Aussie form, the main thing we cared about was sport. The World Cup and the Commonwealth Games were to two biggest overall search topics in 2018.

This year was also home to one of the biggest sporting scandals in recent memory. The Australian cricket captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner both went down when Australia was caught tampering with the cricket ball in a Test match against South Africa.

As a result, plenty of people were searching, “What is ball tampering?” and David Warner also made it into the list of most searched for Aussies.

Batsman Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner. All three went down in the ball tampering scandal. Peter Parks

Batsman Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner. All three went down in the ball tampering scandal. Peter ParksSource:Supplied


In news that should surprise no one, Australians continue to be frustrated by their internet connection and many of us turned to that very internet connection, or probably our 4G connection, to ask why it was so slow. (Click here for a spoiler on that one btw).

“Why is my internet so slow?” was the eighth most common search this year under questions starting with “why”, behind queries like “Why is State of Origin on Sunday?” and “Why is ANZAC Day important?”

Below you can see what Google says were the top searches by category this year that represented the spirit of 2018. Note: the X-rated ones have been omitted by the company to keep this thing family friendly.


World Cup

Commonwealth Games

Meghan Markle



Anthony Bourdain

US Open Tennis

Mac Miller

Bitcoin price

Black Panther


Royal Wedding

Thai cave rescue

Wentworth by-election

My health record

Beaumont children

Hawaii volcano

California fires


US midterm elections

Blood moon


Meghan Markle

Demi Lovato

Freddie Mercury

Khloe Kardashian

Logan Paul

Tristan Thompson

Hailey Baldwin

Sylvester Stallone


Travis Scott


Barnaby Joyce

Scott Morrison

Peter Dutton

Billy Slater

Craig McLachlan

Vikki Campion

David Warner

Chopper Read

Nick Cummins

Andrew Gaff



Anthony Bourdain

Mac Miller


Stan Lee

Kate Spade

Aretha Franklin

Burt Reynolds

Jessica Falkholt

Eurydice Dixon


How to opt out of my health record

How to watch World Cup in Australia

How to win Powerball

How to delete Instagram

How to face match

How to buy bitcoin

How to lose weight fast

How to screenshot on iPhone X

How to delete Facebook

How to lose belly fat


What is bitcoin

What is listeria

What is ligma

What is hazing

What is a mud room

What is the capital of California

What is open on Good Friday

What is Diwali

What is blockchain

What is ball tampering


Why is State of Origin on Sunday

Why is it called Good Friday

Why is Russia OAR

Why is Australia Day Jan 26

Why is Tim Cahill not playing tonight

Why is ANZAC Day important

Why is Australia Day celebrated

Why is my internet so slow

Why is Nick Cummins called the honey badger

Why is my poop green


Keto recipes

Beef stroganoff recipes

Chicken curry recipes

Frittata recipes

Gnocchi recipes

Risotto recipes

Chicken soup recipes

Fried rice recipes

Omelette recipes

Beef stew recipes


How to cook corned beef

How to cook eggplant

How to cook tofu

How to cook silverside

How to cook beetroot

How to cook rice in the microwave

How to cook corn

How to cook couscous

How to cook crayfish

How to cook barramundi

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